Winners open call Reset> Mar Menor 2019

Chemozoa simulation work in progress (2019), Vicky Isley and Paul Smith“.

In this second edition of the Reset> Mar Menor 2019 call, a total of 30 projects have been presented. This year the number of international proposals has increased, coming from countries such as Thailand, Mexico, United States, Canada, Argentina and Ukraine. At European level mainly from Germany and the United Kingdom.

The main objective of this call is to promote artistic creation as a tool to understand and work with the different problems of the Mar Menor from areas such as science, technology or ecology.

The jury formed by Concepción Marcos, Pedro Ortuño, Paul Sermon, Ulla Taipale and Diego Díaz has decided that the selected projects are:

• Vicky Isley and Paul Smith (Boredomresearch) with the project ‘Anthropic Microalgae Bloom’. This project will create a cinematic expression of a flowering of anthropogenic microalgae of the Mar Menor, which will bring together scientific modelling, 3D animation in real time and poetic imagination to tell the story of an environment under stress. By creating a cinematic expression of conflict and crisis at a microscopic level, Boredomresearch will provide an opportunity to experience the underlying mechanics of the Mar Menor ecosystem.

Irma Arribas with her proposal ‘Imaginary Atlas of the Mar Menor (IAMM)’ in which she will develop an Imaginary Atlas of the Mar Menor based on scientific data collection and creative speculation of the significant influence of human behaviour on Earth that has generated a new geological era named Anthropocene.

From the organization we would like to thank all participants for their interest and we would like to highlight the high level of the proposals received.

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