Film selections proposal

The Mar Menor has been a source of inspiration for many audiovisual projects. In the following selection, that we propose, you can find from informative reports that deal with their environmental problems to small memories of inhabitants of the area, among others.

‘Volando voy’: Save the Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is in serious danger and the team of ‘Volando voy’ gets to know this problem in the delivery that Four issued this Sunday, October 8, 2017. Jesús Calleja brings together farmers, neighbors, fishermen, restaurateurs, ecologists, builders and all those people involved in saving the lagoon.

Stories of the Mar Menor

Storytelling of the experiences of a group of people around the Mar Menor in the Region of Murcia. Aided by the Platform Pacto for the Mar Menor, The Last Three makes this documentary directed to the conservation awareness of this natural environment.

The shores of the ocean sea – Legality and knowledge

The Law of Coasts promulgated in 1988 proclaims that the shore of the sea, estuaries, marshes, lagoons, marshes and estuaries are goods of the state maritime-terrestrial public domain. In its Statement of Motives, the Law contains a catalog of negative practices of occupation of the coast, which, after the years, have not decreased, but very contrary to the desired, have been expanded and intensified.

“The Mar Menor is in the UVI”

Recipe to kill the sea meadow and turn crystal clear water into green soup. A story of #PlayaBurbuja.

The Mar Menor

The producer Bravostudios produces a mini-documentary about the Mar Menor and La Manga.

The Mar Menor is extinguished: the mud and the bad smell invade this natural place

The program of La Sexta ‘Más vale tarde’ presents in news format the problems of the Murcian lagoon.

In the Mar Menor

The Filmoteca Española collects a report on the economic and military activities that take place in the Mar Menor: fishing, extraction and collection of salt and teaching to military pilots.

‘Report Mainz’ of the German public television ARD

The report ‘Are German buyers pushing Spanish farmers?’ issued by the German public television ARD blames the agri-food industry for polluting the Mar Menor and questions the consumption of regional products.

Movies in 8mm of La Manga, Cabo de Palos and Mar Menor

Memorias Celuloides has carried out an interesting work of recovering home movies of the seventies that has been restored and made available to the public. Diario de La Manga offers here those related to the Mar Menor and its beaches.

San Pedro del Pinatar (1932-1957)

Historical images of San Pedro del Pinatar and Lo Pagán, of the encañizada, the fishermen, the pilgrimage of the Virgen del Carmen, the Salinas and their process of extraction of salt, the processions of Holy Week, the Mar Menor and La Manga. Images from the National Film Archive.

The green beetle – Cassandra syndrome

The program of RTVE, The green beetle, dedicated its broadcast of March 17, 2017 to address the problem of the Mar Menor

Songs for the Mar Menor

The FilmotecaEspañola collects the documentary Songs for the Mar Menor in which La Manga is presented through songs performed by Angela Carrasco, Micky and Paloma San Basilio.

Ancient La Manga 

The web Photographic Archive of La Manga del Mar Menor collects videos and reports on the history of this area.

Murcia Complaint: Mar Menor

Report issued by Televisión Murciana on the situation of the Mar Menor.

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