The Pinna Nobilis

Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity: Episode 2 – Training Program for Molluscs – The Pinna Nobilis by Christina Stadlbauer

The Pinna Nobilis project is the result of RESET> Mar Menor 2018’s open call for artistic projects. It focuses on the production of an experimental video tutorial directed to the Nacra (Pinna nobilis), a specie of endemic mollusc from the Mediterranean Sea, which has found refuge in the Mar Menor after had suffered enormous losses in their natural habitat.

The Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity was invited to research the situation at the lagunal area of the Mar Menor. This ecosystem has suffered due to intensive agricultural use of land, climate warming and human activities, like tourism, sports and fishing. The ecological situation for underwater sea life has deteriorated, causing loss of habitat and an accumulation of stress factors.

In 2018, the Institute has selected Pinna Nobilis, the Large Pen Shell, for assisted relocation. A possible future habitat was found and all necessary information for the proposed relocation was prepared for the mollusc in a video tutorial. Like in all trainings, the Institute used advanced pedagogical methods and techniques for easier learning, with instructions adapted to the candidate species.The video tutorial for Pinna Nobilis carefully considers the demanding underwater situation.

Also, the wellbeing of the endangered species who need to relocate is of cardinal importance. Therefore, considering and addressing companion species who have to be co-relocated for utmost comfort, support and entertainment, was essential.

The video tutorial is scheduled to be screened for the first time to a colony of Pinna Nobilis in the Mar Menor, in May 2019.

Concept, idea and direction: Christina Stadlbauer.
Camera and editing: Bach Nguyen.

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